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Do you have a friend that you think needs professional help with his addiction? Or do you need someone to help you curb your vices? Natural Recovery Resources is at your service. 
The Solution
No, it's not your friends or family. It should be a licensed addiction counselor like what we have at Natural Recovery Resources. Our team of experienced and skilled addiction counselors will develop a plan to help you with your addiction. It is a difficult process to undergo but if our patients are willing and motivated, they successfully lose it. 

At Natural Recovery Resources, we do initial consultations, evaluations, treatment referrals, planning, and aftercare support. Our patients undergo a process in order for our counselors to see the severity of our client's addiction. 

We accept clients who are addicted to substance abuse or process addictions like gambling, sex, food, video gaming and more. We offer holistic treatments to curb their addiction. Natural Recovery Resources' main goal is to help people make a life-changing decision to live an addiction-free life. 

If you have a friend or you yourself are experiencing an addiction and want to stop, Natural Recovery Resources will help you get the treatment you need to get better. To know more about our services and holistic treatments, you can send us an email at Eleanor@recoveryunderthebridgers.org. We will be glad to provide you the information you need about our services and our company. 

On the other hand, if you want to speak to someone, you can also give us a call at (406) 220-2200. Using the same number, you can book an appointment with us if you are interested to talk to our counselors or visit our facility. ​​​