About Us​​​​​​​
Natural Recovery Resources has been in the industry since 2015. I have been a licensed addiction counselor since 2009. It is safe to say that I have been exposed to different kinds and types of addiction. After a year, I was able to secure my National Masters addiction counselor certification, which is valid in almost 50 states.

Over the years, I have seen how a lot of people struggle with their addiction, either from substance abuse or process addictions. I saw the need to help and with the license, knowledge, and experience that I have, I decided to start the Natural Recovery Resources. 

Our facility is one of a kind because of a few reasons. We are one of the very few that use holistic treatment modalities for our patients. We believe that going natural will help our clients more because there is no medication or chemicals needed for this treatment. We do activities that are beneficial to them, to allow them to lead their normal life. 

Next, we do initial consultations and assessments. We find this very useful because, from the first meeting, our licensed counselors will be able to immediately create a plan that will suit the client. Finally, after being treated in Natural Recovery Resources, we make sure that we provide aftercare support - an important process to make sure that our clients know that there is someone who is supporting them and making them accountable of their well-being, in case they return to their old ways. 
We are here to help!
If you know someone who needs Natural Recovery Resources' help, we suggest giving us a call at (406) 220-2200 and let us work together in making your friend or loved one get better.